Global Britain

Daniel Hannan, Ex-President (Oriel), is Conservative MEP for South East England and blogs at

There is usually a time lag in politics. Pundits carry on citing obsolete statistics for years. Even when they catch up with the facts, they are slow to adjust their world-view to them.

How often, for example, do you hear politicians and journalists claiming that ‘half our exports’ – or even ‘the majority of our exports’ – go to the EU?

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Smart Cuts for a Modern Defence

 Adnan Nesser Memon

In the past few days MPs have labelled cuts to Her Majesty’s Forces as “grotesque”. A common argument says that any cut to the defence budget will weaken the nation’s image internationally by giving the impression that we cannot, or will not, maintain military superiority ourselves or together with our allies. Those who argue this continue, that at a time when defence budgets across Europe are falling – especially in Germany – we can ill afford such cuts without risking being unable to protect our interests (or even in the case of the Falklands, sovereignty) abroad. They point to emerging regional superpowers such as China or they label potential trouble spot areas such as the increase in instability in Pakistan as reasons why cutting is not an option.

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