The Association hosts between four and eight speaker events each term, hearing Conservative figures speak on a wide range of topics. Our Members can attend free of charge, and always have the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker. Typically Officers and Members will dine with the speaker afterwards. This gives our members a fantastic opportunity to get into more detailed conversation with the speaker, and the meals are always interesting and entertaining.

We also go to London to see speakers; in the last few terms we have heard from, inter alios, David Davis MP, Sajid Javid MP, the Lord Hague of Richmond (President, Hilary 1981), and then-Home Secretary Theresa May MP. Members also received a tour of Downing Street from George Osborne when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The President will host a dinner for Members towards the end of his Term, which is usually followed by an after-dinner speech given by a guest speaker. This is always an enjoyable event, and is well worth looking out for in our Term Card!

In the last few years, speakers have included the Lord Heseltine, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP (President, Hilary 1991), Daniel Hannan MEP (President, Trinity 1992), Andrew Mitchell MP, Jeremy Hunt MP (President, Michaelmas 1987), Dominic Grieve MP (President, Trinity 1977), Graham Brady MP, Sir Eric Pickles, the Lord Hurd of Westwell, Edwina Currie, the Lord Lansley, the Lord Howard of Lympne, and Sir John Major KG. Less recently, we hosted the Lady Thatcher LG (President, Michaelmas 1946).

Keep track of when these events are happening on our Term Card, via our mailing list, and on our Facebook group. Please email the President if you have any queries regarding speakers.