The Oxford University Conservative Association (popularly known as 'OUCA' - roughly ['au.kɑ]) is the largest student political society in Western Europe. We have served since 1924 to promote Conservatism within the University, whilst providing an open forum for students to express, debate, and refine their ideas.

We are known for our extremely popular weekly "Port and Policy" debating event, but there is much more to the Association than that. Every week of term we have a packed schedule: we take great pride in our in charity work and social action, aimed especially at helping the homeless population in Oxford; we campaign in constituencies around the country; we host speaker events with all the big names in Conservative politics; and and we put on a full calendar of excellent social events.

Whether you're a staunch High Tory, a proud Labourite, or anything in between (even a Whig!), we have something for you, and politically-active students of all stripes attend and enjoy our events every Week of Term. Political engagement consists not so much in promoting and acting upon one's own beliefs as in considering the views of others: our commitment to upholding liberty of speech nurtures a greater diversity of articulated opinion that does any other student society in the University. So whether you're a political maven or an undecided neophyte, we may well be just what you're looking for. Indeed, many look back on OUCA as one of the highlights of their time at Oxford.

If you have any questions about the Association, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Alex Bruce
Corpus Christi College