Making a claim

If payment has been authorised (see below) complete the expenses form and submit it to the Treasurer (Wojciech Woźnicki, Christ Church).


Ordinarily, a budget should be passed in Officers before any expense is incurred. Budgets should detail a breakdown of expected costs and show evidence that multiple quotations have been sought. If a budget is approved, you may request that it is "advanced" to you immediately, and anything unspent returned to the Association afterwards.

If, and only if, expenditure is required before the next meeting of Council or Officers, then you may request emergency expenditure. This must be approved by the President and the Treasurer (or the President-Elect if the Treasurer is unavailable). Emergency expenditure should only be requested when there is, and has been, no opportunity to have a budget approved.

All expenditure is subject to scrutiny and members should demonstrate how they have made every effort to ensure value for the Association's money. It is wise to consult with the President and the Treasurer who can advise whether payment is likely to be authorised.


Members may be reimbursed by cash (if available) or cheque only, and must sign for receipt of payment.


The Association is only liable for expenditure that has been authorised in a budget or as emergency expenditure.