Our most recent contested elections saw a record number of ballots cast. We consider election turnout a good barometer for students' engagement with the Association, and are proud of our ever-increasing popularity.

The Association's elections allow the Members to select its leadership for the following Term: the President-elect, Treasurer-elect, Secretary, Political Officer, the Junior Officers, and Committee Members.

The date and time of elections are circulated to all members at least two weeks before they take place. Please note that only University Members in statu pupillari are entitled to vote, and must present a valid Bodleian Library card. They must also have joined the Association before the opening of nominations.

Nominations will be opened at noon on Monday of 5th Week, and will close after exactly forty-eight hours. To nominate for a position please request a nomination form from our Returning Officer, and return it along with the nomination fee within the appropriate time. Please note the eligibility requirements on the form, including membership of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Further to the Association's elected officeholders, there are certain appointed officeholders, including the Returning Officer and his deputies, as well as others appointed from time to time by the President.

If you have any questions, please ask our Returning Officer or President.